Greetings from the Park


For our clients, friends and family welcome to GreetingsFromthePark.

Please feel free to comment as we continue to post on what’s new and exciting in and around Park City, Utah as well as our, equally as important, real estate markets.

If you like what you see please do pass us on to a friend and read our reviews.

Tom Walsh, Windermere  Cell: 435-640-1400

Jessica Allen, Windermere  Cell: 435-659-1297

8 Responses to “Greetings from the Park”

  1. 1 Jessica

    This is a great opportunity for Tom and I to get the word out about Park City’s best real estate buys. For more information a quick call or email is always welcome.


  2. Just so everyone knows Jessica is the brains behind our new GreetingsFromTheParkBlog; I’m just the pretty face.
    We are really looking forward to sharing all Park City Real Estate and “The Market According To Us” in future posts.
    In the mean time we’ve just introduced a new pricing iniative on a handfull Deer Valley’s best ski to/ski from residences. Reply for details and do stay tuned.

  3. I always look to both of you for real time, up to date ideas about our town, area & industry. Thanks much for all your hard work. D

  4. HI, Tom,
    You asked me to comment on your blog, so here I am. Did you mean comment or “comment”? Or both?


  5. 6 Mark Elliott

    Hello Tom and Jessica, I think this Blog is fantastic, not just a good read but very informative as to the up’s and downs of the Park City Real estate seen as well as other related happenings in this beautiful community. Thank you for keeping me informed, Mark Elliott

  6. Hi Guys, always enjoy reading your blog. Tom, are you back in town now? D

    • Thanks Dee; we’ve been back for about a week or so and a pirates time was had by all. Bloody Mary’s, an island landmark, on Bora Bora was a blast.
      See you and Kevin at the Reid x mass party.

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